Document category: Company Policy Statements.
Document Reference: U&J 201604/COC.
Issue Level: Issue 1, April 2016.
Title: U&J Company Codes of Conduct.

The Company:

Ningbo U&J Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a Limited Liability Company.

Registered in Ningbo: Registration Number 330200400022560.

Address: No. 26, Lujiafan Rd., Langxia District, Yuyao, Ningbo, China

Company Business:

Ningbo U&J is a manufacturer specialising in high precision and low noise deep groove ball bearings and is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified.

Ningbo U&J provides customers with quality products, on-time delivery and best service.

Company Directors:

NingboU&J company directors:
General Manager-- Fu Jianbo
Sales Manager-Helen Chen
Quality Manager- Zeng Deqi

Policy- Codes of Conduct

1.Employees & Human Rights
1.1 Minimum Age:
      It is Ningbo U&J company policy that the minimum age of their employees shall not be less than 18 years of age.
      The age of any prospective employee must be verified by those responsible for recruitment through a check of their personal I.D card.

1.2 Forced Labour:
      Ningbo U&J does not participate in any form forced labour such as humantrafficking, involuntary labour or slavery and will not knowingly
      do any business with customers or suppliers who do not respect this human right.

      Verification will be done by auditing supplier and customer policy statements on these issues or where possible through factory visits.

1.3 Hiring and Employment
      Ningbo U&J is an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate by gender, nationality, race, colour or disability.
      Ningbo U&J will check any prospective employee’s legal right to work in China.
      The person responsible for recruitment will in all cases check the mandatory documents. Documented evidence of employees.

1.4 Harassment
      Ningbo U&J treats all employees with respect and dignity and not subject them to any form of corporal punishment, physical, sexual,       psychological or verbal harassment or financial penalty as a means of discipline.

1.5 Compensation & Hours of Work
      Ningbo U&J Company will comply with the government legislation relating to conditions of employment in relation to compensation
      and working hours?
      Government regulations to compensation: The lowest wage in 2016 is no less than 1660RMB per month; wage in overtime should not
      be less than 150% of that in normal working time. Government regulations to working hours: In daily work, working hours are no
      more than 8 hours per day.

1.6 Health & Safety and Environment
      Ningbo U&J trys to provide a safe and healthy working environment for their employees so as to avoid accidents and risks to health.
      Ningbo U&J trys to minimize their impact on natural resources and the general environment, and do not use legally restricted
      materials in their products.
      Government. Safety Certificate: Certificate No.NABJ2013-C-082
      GTS REACH report no.:THZJ1511256635
      GTS RoHs report no.: THZJ1511256636

2. Ningbo U&J Ethics
    Ningbo U&J does not offer gifts, gratuities or improper payments to employees of potential customers in order to secure business


3. Confidentiality
    Ningbo U&J will respect the confidentiality of all information and intellectual property of their customers, be it in electronic or any other
    form and not disclose the information or share it with any third party without the prior consent of their customer.
    Ningbo U&J signed confidential agreement with client.


4. Quality
    Management System
    Ningbo U&J operates to ISO9001:2008, ISO/TS 16949:2009, Government safety regulations and customers codes of conduct in order
    to operate an efficient business operation that comply with legal regulations.

ISO9001-2008 certificate ISO/TS 16949:2009 certificate
Government safety certificate

5. Communication of Ningbo U&J code of conduct
    Ningbo U&J will display a copy of this Policy document in order to make employees aware of company policy on the codes of conduct
    by which they operate. New employees will be made aware of this company policy at the commencement of their employment.
    Visual observation of policy display



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