Fail Signature Reason study Prevention measures
Bearing to be blue or black 1.bearing is burned dueing to too higher tempreture 1、pay attention to a right assembling quality
2.heating tempreture is too much leading bearing to annealing and heardness is reduced when assembling bearing by heating 2、control heating tempreture
bearing temperature rises Excessively 1、Impurities or dirt mix in when assembling or rotating 1、pay attention to a right assembling quality
2、not suitable lubrication media or not enough volume 2、strengthen maintenance
3、there is friction between seal,washer or bush  when assembling or friction dueing to loosed assembling 3、adopt right bearing type
4、wrong assemblign way  
5.wrong bearing type choosed   
additional noise when rotation 1.rough surface or some piece ball misssing 1、pay attention to a right assembling quality
2、part of bearing assembled wrong, which is loose and friction with other parts 2、greased with required volume
3、lack of lubrication media  
4、theree is iron scurf or dirt mix   
ball is worn heavily 1、burden with wrong axial load 1、guarantee assembling qualityas requested
2、there is obliquity whe assemble balls  2、use lubrication in a right way or change regularly
3、toothicker lubrication media 3、need maintenance
4、ball not running ,lead to friction inside  
5、bearing workign tempreture is increasign too higher,and ball is damaged  
6、not right assembled lead to ball broken  
7、nor suitable heat treatment with low hardess,low precision of bearing  
pit appears in raceway 1、part of ring of corrosion 1、select right bearing type based on its application
2、lack of lubrication 2、lubrication with requested volume
3、wrong material 3、No electrical equipment leakages
4、bearing burden with punching load  
5、The current through the bearing, part of high temperature and metal melting  
bearing rings with  cracks 1、not good assembling match with housing, and burden different load direction 1、guarantee assembling quality as requested
2、Improper disassembly, beated when installation  change bearing in time
3、too big clearance  3、inspect bearing quality strictly
4、low precision of bearing  
not move after assembling 1、not cleaned well  ,or there is iron scurf or sand in raceway 1、pay attention to clean quality
2、cage deformed ,and ring touches ball 2、pay attention to a right assembling quality
3、bearing is assembled too tightly ,or bearing internal clearance is too small 3、adjust assembling clearance
4、change bearing with large clearance
Bearing raceway scratches 1、ring not assembled parallelled 1、guarantee assembling quality as requested
2、too fast speed 2、select right bearing type based as requested
3、ball not in axact position 3、improve lubrication control
4、dirty lubrication media  

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