What Are Deep Groove Ball Bearings?


Ball bearings are small spherical pieces of metal that help keep machine parts from creating too much friction and breaking apart. One type of ball bearing is the deep groove ball bearing.

Deep Groove Ball Bearings
Deep groove ball bearings have a groove on the outside and the inside of the bearing. These grooves reduce strain on the bearings, so they can take heavier loads and operate in high-speed conditions.

Groove Ball Bearings Use
Deep groove ball bearings can be used in any machine that uses ball bearings to avoid heavy friction. These include cars, medical instruments, tractors and even hard drives.

Groove Ball Bearings Types
Shielded ball bearings are the same size as regular ball bearings, and they help prevent outside delicate machinery from outside elements. They also prevent grease leakage. Sealed ball bearings are similar in size and also prevent grease leakage.

Groove Ball Bearings Benefits
Deep groove ball bearings can handle faster speeds than normal ball bearings, leading to quieter operation, reduced vibrations, longer machine life, increased capability and improved precision.


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