Since 80’ time , P0 general deep groove ball bearings, as the largest purchasing quantity and widely used range , its basic performance only is common vibration and noise requirement .

With worldwide economy developing and higher bearing application requirements, more and more customers in domestic and overseas gradually put forward higher requirements not only on the reliability of bearings, also working life and precision.

  After full consideration of the existing customers’ demand and potential market development trend, U&J adopts full automatic production line to start the batch production of low noise. Series for 6000,6200,6300 of EMQ quality are widely used in motors,reducers,automotives,washing machines ,etc. Quality reach Z2V2,Z3V3 and Z4V4 is available with Professional testing equipments support.


Our Main Product:

6000 Series, 6200 Series, 6300 Series, 6800 Series, 6900 Series, 16000 Series, R Series, Other Series, 62200 Series, 62300 Series, 63000 Series

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