How to install bearing correctly?


Bearing is installed No right, affecting the accuracy , life and performance . Therefore, design and For the shaft assembly department The installation of the bearing be filled Points and research. I hope to follow the operation standard Line installation. Normally operation standard of the project Is as follows:

( 1 ) , clean bearing and shaft Socket connection parts
( 2 ) , check the connection parts The size and finishing
( 3 ) , installation
( 4 ) After installation, bearing Inspection of the
( 5 ) , supply lubricant

Hope in the Ann Before loading, just open the bearing packing . In general grease Lubrication, not to clean , direct filling Grease. Lubricating oil, not ordinary Shall be clean, but the instrument use or high speed bearings, etc , use clean oil Wash, In addition to To apply rust inhibitor on the bearingTo get rid of the rust inhibitor bearing, easy Rust, So I can't place . Moreover, have been sealed in Grease of the bearing, not directly use cleaning . Bearing the installer Method, because the bearing structure , cooperate and conditions vary, in general , due to spin on its axis , so Inner ring need to be made To cooperate. Cylindrical hole of bearing, multi-purpose press Pressure, or multi-purpose hot charging method. Taper hole Occasions, To install the cone Degree of shaft, or use the sleeve is installed. When installed on the shell , cooperate more general clearance, outer ring Have a surplus quantity, usually use press pressure In, or have a cold, too But after the installation of the cold Shrink fit method. Use dry ice as coolant, shrink fit installation Occasions, the moisture in the air Condensation in the bearing On the surface. So, need appropriate measures against rust shi.

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